Orangutans are in trouble! -         "Conservation and Peace on Earth"
    It is believed that orangutans are the second only to humans in intelligence, they are very smart and clever animals! Their habitats are being threatened because rainforests in which they live are being destroyed. Living in the wild rainforests of islands Sumatra and Borneo their numbers are dwindeling. Scientists say that there are only 6,600 left in Sumatra, Indonesia and Borneo, Malaysia has only 49,600; which seems like a lot but it really isn't! The expansion of palm plantation is the primary cause for the dramatic decline of orangutans in these areas and this is a HUGE problem. We need to help conserve these poor animals before it is too late. They say that by 2023 the whole Orangutan population will be extinct, we cannot let this happen!! Please help the orangutans survive and get their habitat back!
    Please sign the petition which is the next step to help preserve these magnificant animals!!!!! It'll only take a minute... please sign it...and pass it along. http://www.rainforest-rescue.org/protestaktion.php?id=514

~Nicole Schmitt~

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