Our Work with Conservation in Portugal

     I am a Portuguese-American. My entire family comes from Portugal. I am passionate about Portugal. It is a counrty filled with nature, amazing sights and cuisine, and a history that dates back thousands of years. I am so proud to be Portuguese.

    BR Nature Roots and Shoots works to preserve the environment and its wildlife in Portugal. Portugal had many animals endemic to it, such as the Madeira pigeon. Others, such as the Iberian Lynx, are found in small iscolated and very small numbers in Portugal. It is the most endangered carnivore in Europe, and the most endangered cat on erath. Portugal and Spain, the only two countries which actually have these animals, are doing everything they can to protect it, and our Roots and Shoots group is helping in that effort.
    Our site also, and in greatest part, works to promote Portugal's cultural heritage. Culture is one aspect that the Portuguese love and cherish (me being one of them).
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