***Attention: the below video is very powerful and somewhat graphic. It should not be viewed by children under the age of 14***

Global warming is destroying our world. From the Polar ice caps, to the jungles of Africa, every ecosystem worldwide is under threat from this warming of the earth. Please, help us spread the word. WE MUST STOP GLOBAL WARMING. If not, not only animals will be affected, but humans too. There will be an increase in droughts and food shortages on global scale, and disease will present itself ever more frequently. WE CAN STOP GLOBAL WARMING, but we are losing that opportunity fast. Join us, and be a voice for change. Some actions you can take to stop global warming are:

*Take 5 minute showers

*Do not open the refrigerator back and forth. When you do open it, leave open for about 10 seconds.

*Do not leave the water running when you brush your teeth.

*Keep house temperatures to about 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

*Make your home eco-friendly by making sure all doors and windows have no areas through which heat can escape.

    By doing YOUR part, you are helping in our effort, and global effort, to stop the onslaught of global warming. Remember, we can all shape the world!