Contacting BR Nature Roots and Shoots

Via E Mail: Hello everyone! BR Nature Roots and Shoots can be contacted via e mail and phone. Our e mail address is brnaturerootsandshoots@yahoo.comand Either one is fine! Never hesitate to contact us. We will respond to your e mail within 10 hours, guaranteed.

Via Phone: Well, this method of contact is a little less guaranteed. To contact us by phone, e mail us telling us you want to speak via phone. We are not always at the phone! But, if we do receive your call, we will respond to it immediately, that we promise. While via e mail is preferred, phone is also accepted. We understand that some questions can only be cleared through talking, so we are okay with it!

To Conact our Roots & Shoots group through our website,  please use the form below.

Note: Contacting can refer to questions, comments, suggestions, etc.  

                 Donating to Our Roots and Shoots Group

   Here we go...donations! We want you to understand that donating to our group, and/or other organizations which help the world is not required! While it does help, there are many other ways to further your impact and make a positive change in the world around you. However, if you would like to donate, please consider the follwing:

    -As of now, BR Nature Roots and Shoots does not accept credit card donations

    -We do accept check and money donations

    -Please send check or money to: 2 Gibson Terrace, Bridgewater, NJ 08807

P.S. With any donation of more than $5, we will send you a free gift, as a tolkien of our appreciation.